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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Hello again! (Versión en español abajo)

A few months ago I was working on my Printmaking during an Artist Residency at AGA LAB Studio in Amsterdam. I had lived in The Netherlands before when I was 21 and studying Cultural Studies on an Exchange program in Maastricht University so I was very happy to be back in such a beautiful country. My prints are of Large Format (103 x 55 cm) and I use "A la Poupée" technique in order to create atmospheres with different colors. I work on a mica sheet plate just using dry point and then print it once with all the colors already in place so there is a lot of time that goes into the inking process. During this Artist Residency I developed a printmaking project called "BREAKING- FREE- TOGETHER" that consists of 3 large format prints that put together side by side tell a story of Feminism and Gender Equality:

BREAKING- FREE- TOGETHER is a story about Feminism

and Gender equality.

It intends to show that in order to correct the system we need to

stand together.

It is our right as women to


equal opportunities

regardless of gender

just like men should also be educated on Feminism

and the benefits of a fair and equal treatment of

all people in society.


should not only be the responsibility of women,

it concerns us all.


Here you can watch this video I made showing the process that goes into my printmaking! You can also find more photos and information about these prints if you go to "Proyectos" on my website's main menu and then click on the "BREAKING-FREE-TOGETHER" project. I really hope you like the artwork and the message behind it. Thank you!

Hola a todes! Hace unos meses estuve trabajando en estos grabados durante una Residencia Artística en AGA LAB Studio en Amsterdam. Ya había vivido en Holanda unos años atrás mientras estudiaba Estudios Culturales en Maastricht University durante un programa de intercambio así que estaba muy feliz de estar de vuelta en un país tan emocionante. Mis Grabados son de Gran Formato (103 x 55 cm) y uso la técnica "A la Poupée" para el entintado. Durante la Residencia desarrollé el proyecto "BREAKING- FREE- TOGETHER" que consiste en tres grabados de gran formato que puestos uno al lado del otro cuentan una historia sobre el feminismo y la igualdad de género. Aquí les dejo un video para que puedan ver un poco del proceso detrás de estos grabados. Espero que les gusten mis obras y el mensaje detrás de ellas. También pueden acceder a más fotos e información sobre estas obras si van a "Proyectos" en el menú principal de mi pagina web y luego hacen click en el proyecto "BREAKING-FREE-TOGETHER". Gracias siempre!


The Traveling Artist

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